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National Macaroni Day 2018 – July 7

Macaroni is not exactly an American dish. Having hailed from Europe, this food has become a favorite among the people of America and all other parts of the world. Macaroni can be made in different ways and different regions in the world prepare it differently.

National Macaroni Day

National Macaroni Day is celebrated on 7th July of every year.

In the Indian regions, it is made with many spices whereas the Americans prepare it with cheese in a dish called Mac and Cheese. Macaroni is a loveable dish. Some people might want to eat it as a snack while others consume it as a whole meal. National Macaroni Day is observed on the 7th of July every year, across the US.

How to Observe it?

The best way to observe this today is to try a new macaroni dish. You can either find a recipe on the internet and try to make it at home or you can go to your nearest restaurant and find yourself a macaroni meal there.

Post pictures with the hashtag for the day and this food porn will surely make your followers drool. This day also provides a good opportunity for people to learn about different recipes that can be prepared using macaroni and how different countries prepare it.

National Macaroni Day
United States of America, Worldly-Global,
Starting on
July 7, 2018
Ending on
July 7, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 7th of July. This day was made so that people and their loved enjoy the tasty macaroni recipes.

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