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National Graham Cracker Day 2018 – July 5

Graham Crackers are present in almost every household. It is very hard for a grocery shopping list to be complete without Graham crackers on it. The day for this yummy cracker is observed on the 5th of July.

National Graham Cracker Day

National Graham Cracker Day is celebrated on 5th July of every year.

History of Graham Crackers

The Graham Cracker’s making dates back to the 1800s when the minister Sylvester Graham made these crackers as a part of health foods. They were made by using whole wheat flour. This flour also had bran and wheat germs in it. According to this minister, eating these crackers would eliminate any sinful cravings that people have.

The change in Graham Crackers came later and the ingredients used to make them now are white flour and additives such as honey or chocolate. They can be eaten on their own or they can be used to make desserts such as cakes or cookies. The S’more is also made using Graham crackers in the US. It is one of the most popular recipes in the country.

How is it observed?

Post pictures of your recipes that you have prepared using these crackers. Send some of these desserts to your neighbors and friends. Make sure to share this delight with everyone and to learn more about the history of this day.

National Graham Cracker Day
Starting on
July 5, 2018
Ending on
July 5, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 5th of July. The day was originally invented as a “health food” as part of the “Graham Diet”.

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