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National Bikini Day 2018 – July 5

Bikinis are lifesavers in summer weather. When the sun hits and you have to be at the shore to enjoy the weather, bikinis are the best things to wear. There are so many different prints and styles available in the market that choosing the best one becomes a hard thing to do. Did you know that there is a whole day dedicated the bikinis?

National Bikini Day

National Bikini Day is celebrated on 5th July of every year.

National Bikini Day is a day that was coined by Parisian fashion designer names Louis Reard. The day is observed every year on the 5th of July. This tradition has been going on for over 50 years, having started in 1946. The purpose of observing this day to be at the beach and enjoy the sun in your bikinis.

How is it observed?

On this day, people post pictures of themselves in their most flattering bikinis. If you have any bikini stories that you may want to share, that can also be done on social media. On this day, you can also try to learn how bikinis are made and what effort goes into their intricate designs and patterns. Learn to love your body on this day, in colorful bikinis with flattering patterns and prints.

National Bikini Day
United States of America,
Starting on
July 5, 2018
Ending on
July 5, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 5th of July. This day was made to be at the beach and enjoy the sun in your bikinis

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