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National Aunt and Uncle’s Day 2018 – July 26

This day is celebrated in honor of the amazing people that you call your uncles and aunts. It is celebrated across the globe on the 26th of July every year. Just like mother and father’s day, this day also holds great significance. Uncle and aunts are like second parents who always defend you when your parents are angry at you. We all have our favorite uncle and aunt whom we wish we could live with because they are loving and caring and most importantly much more fun than our parents. Uncle and aunts play a very important role in our lives while growing up. They support us and advise up on things we can’t take to our parents about. They are the people we lean on after our parents. We trust them and consider them a big part of our family tree.

National Aunt and Uncle’s Day

National Aunt and Uncle’s Day is celebrated on July 26th of every year

How to observe it?

On this day make your uncle and aunts feel special. Visit them or take them out to dinner. You can also send them to thank you cards for all they have done for you throughout life. Have get-togethers or a family event on this day and go through old photo albums and talk about the fun and amazing moments that you spent with them as a child such as sleepovers, beach parties and so on.

National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
United States of America,
Starting on
July 26, 2018
Ending on
July 26, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 26th of July. This day was made in honor of the amazing people that you call your uncles and aunts

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