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National Anisette Day 2018 – July 2

Anisette is a very popular liqueur that is loved around the European regions of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. It is made by distilling aniseed. At times, the makers also add sugar syrup to it to give it flavor. National Anisette Day is observed on the 2nd of July, every year in the European regions.

National Anisette Day

National Anisette Day is celebrated on 2nd July of every year.

How to Drink Anisette?

There is a certain way in which you have to drink anisette. You cannot drink it on its own since it has a very high alcoholic content that becomes the cause of irritation in the throat. To drink it, it has to be mixed with coffee, water or even gin.

How to observe this day?

You can observe this day just like any other food or drink day is observed. Indulge in a day of enjoying anisette with friends and family. A very interesting take on observance of this day is to make anisette cookies. If you do not want to get too much taste, just add it to any of your drinks.

Similarly, post pictures on your social media relating to any story of yours that may involve anisette. The distinct flavor of this drink makes it a favorite among people. On this day, you can make an effort to learn more about this drink and how it is made.

National Anisette Day
United States of America,
Starting on
July 2, 2018
Ending on
July 2, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 2nd of July. This day was made so that people and their loved enjoy anisette Or anisette drink with friends and family

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