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August Events 2018

In the Julian and the Gregorian calendar the month of august is the eighth month of the year whereas in the Roman calendar the month was listed as the sixth month of the calendar year. In the Roman calendar it had 31 days. The month became the 8th month in 700 BCE when January and February were added to the reformed Roman calendar by king Numa. In the reformed Roman calendar the month was given 29 days which was later changed by Julius Caesar in 45 BCE when he added 2 more days to the month and made it equal to as it was originally in the Roman calendar. August is a month of summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and winter season in the Southern hemisphere.  The month is named after Augustus, who was the first Roman Emperor. The greatest triumphs of Augustus took place in the month of august which is why he chose this month to be named after him. The month is symbolized by many things like;

  • The birth flower gladiolus or poppy, which symbolizes love marriage and family
  • The birth stones, peridot, spinel and sardonyx
  • The zodiac sign for the first 22 days is Leo, and Virgo for the last 9 days

The month is considered to be a happy month for the workers as in many counties the workers is given a vacation during this month. Along with this many other events and festivals take place in this month and many inventions took place in this month, such as;

  • Pakistan gained independence on the 14th of August in 1947
  • India gained Independence on the 15th of August in 1947
  • The State of Colorado become the 38th state of America on 1st august in 1876
  • The first voyage to the Atlantic by Christopher Columbus took place
  • National Family Fun Month
  • National Peach Month
  • National Golf Month
  • Friendship Day – first Sunday of August
  • August 26 – Women’s Equality Day
  • National Picnic Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
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