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April Events 2018

April is the fourth month of the Gregorian calendar which is the one that is used today. In case of the Julian calendar it is the fifth month of the calendar year. The month consists of 30 days making it the first month of the year to have 30 days. The seasons related to the month are spring and autumn. In the northern hemisphere it is a part or the spring season where as in the southern hemisphere it is a part of autumn season. In the Roman calendar the modern day month of April was called Aprilis. The derivation of the name of the month is very unclear but it is believed that it was named after a Roman Goddess Venus just like most of the Roman months. Venus’s Greek goddess name was Aphrodite from which the name Aprilis was derived. Her Veneralia was performed on the first day of the month which is why it is named after her.  In the early Roman calendar it was the second month of the calendar month before the king Numa added the months January and February. In Decemvirs era (450 BC) it only had 29 days. Later Julius Caesar added another day to the month making it a month of 30 days. The things that symbolise the month are;

  • The birth stone Diamond
  • The birth flowers Daisy and sweet pea also represent the month
  • Aries and Taurus are the zodiac signs of the month of April

Some of the other events and festivals that are observed during the month across the globe are as bellow;

  • St George’s day is celebrated on the 23rd of the month
  • It symbolizes the ploughing of earth by the emperors and the princes in China
  • The Lyrid and Eta Aquariids meteor shower takes place in this month
  • It was considered to be the month of Resurrection of the Lord in the Roman traditions
  • It is also the national pet month in the United Kingdom


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