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All Or Nothing Day 2018 – July 26

Everyone wants to do something in life but is too scared to do it. This day is specially designed to overcome all the fears and accomplish the goals that we want. On the 26th of July, it is the ‘All or nothing day’. On this day one is to break all the barriers which are stopping him to do a certain thing that he or she wants. Whether it is applying to college or a job, visiting an old friend, apologizing to someone they care about or anything that they are afraid of. It is the day when you break all the chains that are holding you back from doing certain things. This is the day when you take your first steps towards your dream goals and overcome your fears. Romans had a saying, ‘Carpe Diem’ which means seize the day. They understood the importance of the day and understood the fact that being paralyzed by your fear gets you nowhere in life. It’s is not about whether you succeed or lose, it is about the barriers that are broken.

All or Nothing Day

All or Nothing Day is celebrated on July 26th of every year

How to observe it?

On this day overcome your greatest fears. Let your family and friends know how you feel about certain things and make yourself prepare for certain changes in life. Spread the word through social media and encourage others to also overcome their fears.

All Or Nothing Day
World / Globally,
Starting on
July 26, 2018
Ending on
July 26, 2018
It is celebrated each year on the 26th of July. This day is specially designed to overcome all the fears and accomplish the goals that we want

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